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   2011- 2012    




Acoustic performances with

Karen Kiley  &  Mike Kiley



Illinois    Wisconsin

Iowa   South Dakota

2011 on the backside of a Harvest moon ... the union with Karen Kiley  & Mike Kiley presented a bounty of soulful and energenic acoustic music that spanned country, classic rock , pop & blues.


    Our first show was opening for the infamous Retrorockets, at a party thrown for no other reason than the date being 11-11-11... in a Rockford, IL mansion so large they placed the 9 piece ensemble in the Foyer.


2012 proved to be a fine year...


   Along with several shows in our local area of Northern Ilinois, we spread the music across Southern Wisconsin, Western Iowa, and into the breathtaking beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota... 


   Hill City and Keystone, SD and Peterson, IA were among the towns we enjoyed performing in, while soaking up the territory and wonderful people that welcomed us with warm hearts.

The Naked Winery  Hill City, SD

The Naked Winery Hill City, SD



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